Rainbow Lantern

Rainbow Lantern

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About this piece

The lantern is lit up as a rainbow to celebrate diversity.  When the lantern is lit up as a rainbow it looks spectacular – the colours dance with each other and stand high above the Cambridgeshire fens.  The rainbow was also painted and created in windows across the country during the Covid-19 Pandemic as a symbol of hope.


Size:  16″ x 20″

Medium: pastel on pastel card

Price:  SOLD

About the artist

Gail Stephens

I live in Ely and enjoy drawing and painting as a means to relax from a professional career in the NHS. The joy of creativity has been life-long and only on the last few years have I had the opportunity to explore and develop my art further.

Life drawing with OuseLife has enabled me to bring together my profession as a physiotherapist with my passion as an artist in capturing the human form and spirit.

I’m inspired by Paul Cezanne and David Hockney and I love exploring and playing with colour, mark making and texture. I enjoy using graphite, chalk/charcoal, pastels, as well as oil and acrylic paint.

If I haven’t got a paintbrush in my hand, it’s likely there is a knitting needle or crochet hook instead. There is great joy to be had in creating something out of nothing, simple focused playing, allowing creativity to flow, the brain to settle and the heart to sing.

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