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About this piece

Any fool can break things. Any dictator can invade a neighbouring country and reduce it to rubble. We so easily succumb to the promises of a prince, president or generalissimo, and they so easily start to believe they have conquered life itself.
Cromwell, Idi Amin, Putin, Hitler, Pol Pot, or even some sergeant on a horse in a cathedral, who doesn’t like images. All of them are as weak, deluded and absent as a sleepwalker, and they all think they’ve reached life’s pinnacle.
Then they rust.

Size: Huge

Medium: Steel

Price:  £4000

About the artist

Cary Outis

I am a painter and sculptor with many years’ of exhibitions, workshops and classes under my belt, mainly in East Anglia, where I’ve lived for the last 30 years.

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