Ely Cathedral Dancing Light

 Ely Cathedral Dancing Light

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About this piece

Over all this long time endless weather, changes , through days of all the seasons and nights..
The cathedral  stands strong and survives ..
In its environs dancers dance and the sky watches and appreciates.
Always light changes and brings new realisations .. We sail on.

Size: 4 ft x 5 ft

Medium: Oil on canvas

Price: SOLD

About the artist

Ann Froshaug

I work in a variety of mediums, drawing, painting and making ceramics. 

I combine experiment and self discipline in using different materials and work intuitively exploring my visual response to life around me. I have to care about what I am making to give it life.

I range between wanting to make art which is visually beautiful which captures the beauty of living things, and wanting at the same time, to defer and learn from what has gone before-to make work which reflects art’s history.

My subjects range widely from the gentle and beautiful to serious subjects like war and poverty.

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