Below the golden Octagon

Below the golden Octagon

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About this piece

This image came about as I focussed on the structure of the Cathedral and attempted to come to terms with the way that the side transepts and the knave related to the roof construction.

Again the light is markedly different in this area of the Cathedral and presents a more gloomy atmosphere punctuated by the areas of stained glass.


Size: 78.5cm x 63cm

Media: Oil over Acrylic under painting

Price: £250

About the artist

Ken Murray

I am an artist based in Soham, Cambridgeshire. I enjoy working with a wide variety of media and a range of subject matter. I am lucky enough to be retired 

and due to this am able to give more time to creating artwork and investigating my own work and that of other artists.

I particularly enjoy visiting exhibitions and galleries and participating as a member of the Ouse Life artists group, taking part in the life classes, sketching days and group exhibitions.

As an artist my biggest influences are Caravaggio for the drama of his images and strong use of chiaroscuro and Degas for his quality of draughtsmanship and use of light and colour. I attempt to bring elements of both into the work that I produce, moving around from Still-life to Portrait ( human and animal / individual and group ) as well as most other genres.

I enjoy asking questions of myself as an artist, experimenting and setting myself difficult and varied tasks in an effort to develop my skills and improve the qualities in the art which I produce.

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