A Man With Two Dogs

A Man With Two Dogs

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About this piece

Inspired by one of the ‘everyday’ scenes carved, but out of sight, in the choir stalls (misericords).



Media: String puppet made of wood

Price:  NFS

About the artist

Steve Bramble

I’m a painter and printer. I began  making ‘The Company of Unemployed Puppets’ thirty years ago. These wood and string marionettes include  Dylan Thomas,  Botticelli’s ‘Venus’, a very grizzly bear, William Shakespeare, artists, rock musicians, dancers and sundry others. In theatre jargon they are all ‘resting’, hanging around my house, waiting to be brought alive.


The puppets on show here were made during the pandemic specially for ‘After the Fall’. The inspiration for them comes from the wonderful carving in the choir stalls, scenes from mythology, everyday life and biblical subjects. 

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